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We have located 111 senior home facilities in San Francisco, California and 65 nearby.
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San Francisco Retirement Homes & Communities

San Francisco offers more than [number] senior home facilities in the downtown area as well as over [number_nearby] retirement homes in communities nearby. The average cost of assisted living in San Francisco is $4,000 per month.

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a city with a nationwide reputation for picturesque views, vibrant cutting-edge culture, and a wealth of opportunities available to residents at any age.

Senior Living in San Francisco

Often referred to as “The City by the Bay,” San Francisco is home to a population of nearly 1.8 million residents, approximately 19.2% of which are estimated to be over the age of 65. As the current San Francisco adult population continues to age, the city's neighborhoods are expected to become far more geriatric than previously assumed, according to Forbes.

The projected increase in the senior population expected to take place in the next two decades will create a high demand for senior caregivers as well as medical professionals serving elderly adults. For more information on the job offerings in the senior care industry, visit our comprehensive Guide to senior jobs in San Francisco to learn more.

San Francisco Recreational Activities

San Francisco seniors find it easy to stay fit and active thanks to the city's numerous senior centers located throughout the downtown area and surrounding suburbs. These activity centers offer everything from exercise programs, social events, day trips, foreign language classes, and craft workshops.

San Francisco Medical Facilities for Seniors

In a 2011 study conducted by the Center for a Secure Retirement, San Francisco ranked as the second-highest-scoring city in the health and longevity category. Certainly the city's numerous green spaces and parks contributed to the score, but so did the numerous medical facilities and geriatric health services that are available to the San Francisco seniors.

Among some of the city’s most popular senior centers are: the San Francisco Senior Center, the Golden Gate Park Senior Center, as well as the San Francisco Centers for Self-Help for the Elderly.

Transportation for Seniors in San Francisco

For active seniors eager to explore all that the city has to offer, San Francisco offers a variety of public transportation services that make navigating downtown comfortable for seniors and elderly adults. Though the hilly streets make for a laborious walk, the city´s iconic cable cars, metro train, and bus system all make getting around quick and easy.

Disabled seniors or elderly residents suffering from limited mobility, also have access to the city’s various paratransit services, which offer door-to-door transportation and special care to ensure safe travel and a comfortable ride.

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Whether you are currently living in the San Francisco area or are considering a move to the City by the Bay, you're sure to find that this iconic city has a little something for everyone. We invite you to use this comprehensive guide to explore the assisted living options available throughout San Francisco's neighborhoods and to keep in mind that your ideal retirement residence is little more than a click away!

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