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Multi-Site Marketing & Sales, Career opportunity in Springfield, Tennessee

Job description

Job Summary:

Consistently close new business in order to grow or maintain census for 5 communities. This process begins with identifying the sales needs of each facility by establishing the metrics necessary to reach 100% occupancy.

The facility’s sales need are assessed on a monthly basis and reviewed weekly by the administrator and the facility sales representative. The sales representative’s time and effort will be directed toward a combination of lead-generating and prospect management activities. These sales activities include: lead generation through setting appointments with influencers in the community, executing one-on-one sales calls to influencers in the community, setting first appointments with new leads, discovering the prospect’s needs, establishing next steps that are time and date specific and make sense to the prospect, making recommendations that make sense to the prospect and seeing the prospect through to admission.

Critical Functions and Success Factors:

In order to be successful and reach the objective of the position, compliance with the following activities and reporting will be expected:

1.Analyze the sales needs of the facility

  • Evaluate the number of leads necessary to generate the needed number of admissions month to month to either achieve or maintain full occupancy.
  • Understand the average selling cycle in a particular facility, evaluate the time averages required to move generated leads through the sales process (from initial inquiry, to first appointment, to 25%, 50%, 90% and closed)
  • Reporting: Responsible for gathering necessary data in order for the administrator and sales representative to determine course of action.
  • Compliance: Understands how to analyze the necessary selling activities that need to take place at a particular facility in order to achieve full occupancy and communicates a plan to execute those activities to the administrator.

2.Generate Leads

  • Ensure that enough contacts are made with influencers and referral sources within a particular community to create the needed number of leads required to achieve full occupancy.
  • Sales calls to community influencers and referral sources will be made through one-on-one fact to face meetings. The sales representative will participate in pertinent networking events and community education programs in order to secure more appointments with potential referral sources.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of sales calls made in the community by tracking resulting referrals made by those contacts and adjust efforts accordingly.
  • Reporting: Responsible for reporting number of executed referral source sales calls each week. Also reports the number of networking/marketing activities and the number of potential referral sources identified.
  • Competency: The objective of sales calls to referral sources will be to inspire confidence to recommend the facility’s services to those looking for care outside the home. The referral source should understand this objective and agree to it in order for the meeting to be considered a success.

3.Prospect Management

  • Perform or ensure performance of needed follow-up on new and existing prospects at a facility and continue moving prospects through the sales process through one-on-one discovery in order to secure the admission.
  • Keeps accurate sales notes on each active prospect complete with date/ time specific new step.
  • Ensure that each prospect is placed in the correct category of the sales activity board by complying with definitions within each category (continuance, new lead, FA, 25%, 50%, 90%, closed.)
  • Secures agreed upon next step/agenda with all leads in active columns (25%, 50%, 90%)
  • Directs the necessary effort to develop relationships with prospects considered in continuance in order to secure a date and time next step when it makes sense for the prospect to do so.
  • Validate prospects to determine when to drop as invalid or non-qualified.
  • Reporting: Responsible for reporting what has started and what has moved in the facility’s sales effort each week on the sales activity board.
  • Competency: Effectively moves valid prospects through the sales process from initial inquiry through first appointment, through 25% to closed, 50% to closed, 90% to closed and closed. Is complaint with definitions of sales board common language and has a date/time specific next step with all active prospects.

4.Non Selling Activities: Non- selling activities should occupy no more than 20% of the sales representative’s time. These non-selling activities include:

  • Travel to / from referral source sales calls and prospect home visits
  • Relationship building with facility management / staff
  • Staff education in the area of inquire handling
  • Required corporate training / meetings

Training and Experience:

  • Minimal 18 years of age with high school diploma or GED
  • Prefer college classes in sociology and or psychology or business.
  • Ability to read and write well and document appropriate findings and assessments.
  • Excellent communication and personal interaction skills. Must interact well with public.
  • Knowledge of marketing, business skills, professional appearance and demeanor.
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